Join Model United Nations Slovenia Club!

What do we do?

We meet 2 or 3 times a month in Ljubljana (dates and hours are decided by our members) for workshops, round tables, mock sessions, longer simulations and social events. 

Why to join us?

Joining MUNSC will help you to improve your level of spoken and written English, your diplomatic skills, your level of knowledge of different topics (e.g. international relations, (inter)national organizations, international law, international economic relations, defence strategies and so on). Also, perhaps even more importantly, you will have a chance to meet our members, guests, join us in our delegations to MUN conferences abroad, and start many new friendships. 

Who can join us?

Everyone (student, unemployed, employed) between the age of 18 and 29.

How to join us?

For joining us, you can contact any member of the Executive Board, or you can also write us an email ([email protected]) and we will send you the application form in a Word or PDF version for you to fill in. Moreover, you can download the application form here. Please fill it in and send it to the above email address.

If you are not a member of United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS), let us know and we will send you the application form (you can also find it on UNAS' web page). UNAS membership is obligatory for all MUNSC members, as MUNSC is a part of UNAS. 

Cankarjeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana