President: Ms. Nikolina Čenić

Hi there, current and future MUN enthusiasts,


It is my greatest pleasure to serve as President of MUN Slovenia Club this year, whose member I’ve been since its inception. I am currently pursing my B.A. in International Relations, and I’ll be hopefully finishing it by the end of my term at MUNSC.


My ‘MUN career’ began back in High School actually, when I attended GeMUN in Genoa, Italy. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what MUN was all about, but I anyway decided to try it out. I didn’t even have a glimpse of what might happen afterwards, but I was somehow drawn by all the energy and the atmosphere of heated debates, yelling, lobbying, discussing. For me, it was amazing to see the enthusiasm and passion of all the experienced MUNers and I desperately wanted to be one of them. That’s how I joined the world of MUN and I’ve been working my way up through several conferences: GeMUN 2010, BIMUN 2013, AdMUN 2013, PragueMUN 2014, Youth Conference on Energy Security 2014, SiMUN 2014, and other. So, here I am, few years later, trying to pass the same impressions of MUN to anyone that might be feeling the same way as me before.


I honestly do hope you will take the most out of MUNSC. We’ve gathered great team that will give the best of themselves to pass their experience to you.

You can contact me at: [email protected] 

Vice President: Ms. Meliha Muherina

You can contact me at: [email protected]
Head Delegate: Mr. Vid Tomić

Hello comrades,

My name is Vid Tomić and I am a Master’s degree student of International Relations at the Faculty of social sciences, University of Ljubljana. During my students year I became an IR geek who is especially interested in security related issues with big emphasis given to the ethnic conflicts. Since SIMUN 2011, my first MUN experience, I also became a proud MUN enthusiast.

I am continuing my work at MUNSC Executive Board as a Vice President, after finishing my term as a first Secretary-Treasurer of the Club. I am responsible, alongside with the President, for formulation of long- and short-term goals of the Club, and formulation of the recrutation of new members. I also contribute in everyday activities ranging from preparation of topics for the debates, chairing the debates, informing the members of the ongoing activities, searching for potential abroad MUN destinations, help prepare members for their performance at MUN etc. I also had the pleasure and privilege to be a Head Delegate to MUNSC amazing and also first Delegation abroad, namely at BIMUN 2013.

As a delegate I have attended several MUN conferences ranging from SIMUN 2011 (GA), SIMUN 2012 (SC - Crisis), NATO Model in Forli (2012), BIMUN 2013 (SC-Crisis Committee), MUNSC MUN 2013 (SC) as well as several MUNSC internal sessions. I also acted as a Chair at 2012 Session of the GA (within the subject International Organizations at the Faculty of Social Sciences), MUNSC Crisis Session 2013 (OSCE MINSK Group) and SIMUN 2013 (SC – Crisis) as well as several MUNSC internal sessions. During my (surprisingly still lasting) MUN career I won several awards in different committees and met a lot of people that taught me a lot and defined me as a person.

I believe that my choice to attend my first MUN was one of the best choices I ever made. Therefore, I am determined to share this world with other people. Executive Board will make everyhing in our power to provide you comfortable environment to start or continue your MUN career and experience something truly special.

You can contact me at:  [email protected] 

UNA Slovenia's Youth Section President: Ms. Adriana Aralica


My name is Adriana Aralica and I am the leader of the group of volunteers at the UNA Slovenia. I have been a volunteer at the UNA Slovenia since 2008 and I have been leading the group of volunteers for three years. Since 2011, when the UNA Slovenia Youth Section was established, I have been the president of the UNA Slovenia Youth Section and in my function as the Youth Section President, I am a member of the MUN club executive board. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and currently I am a postgraduate student of Diplomacy at the Faculty of Social Sciences. My task as a member of the MUN club executive board is to be the link between the activities of the UNA Slovenia and of the MUN club.

You can contact me at:  [email protected]