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On the 30th of October 2014, Model United Nations Slovenia Club has held its very first mock session in this academic year. New and old members, together with the Executive Board, have gathered at 6pm at the premises of Faculty of Social sciences.

The meeting has started by everyone introducing themselves and continued with the introduction to the Rules of Procedure. The MUNSC Head Delegate, Vid Tomić, firstly introduced and explained all the basic rules needed for a simulation, and later on showed the theory in practice on a video clip. Afterwards, the mock session has officially started and delegates were eager to raise their assigned placards – some of them for the first time. New members started by presenting their opening statements on the topic of capital punishment, while more experienced members became more active in the second part of the mock session, where they discussed reasons for capital punishment, its justifications, different cultural views and beliefs on it. A heated debate has emerged between countries with a long tradition of using capital punishment on one side and countries that strongly believe killing people as a form of punishment is outdated. The two Chairs, namely MUNSC President Nikolina Čenić and Head Delegate Vid Tomić, were very happy to see new and inexperienced members eagerly joining the debate as well.

The Executive Board firmly believes that during the next mock sessions, each and every new MUNSC member will join the debate and proudly present their countries’ position on the given topic. While members went home with a hopefully positive and fun experience, the Executive Board has already started planning MUNSC’s future mock sessions, workshops and other exciting events.

MUNSC's third introductory meeting

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On Monday, 13 October 2014, MUNSC’s third Executive Board organized the academic year’s introductory meeting at the premises of the United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS). For the third time, MUNSC welcomed some familiar and many new faces on the Slovenian MUN scene by introducing the club, our previous successes, UNAS, the Executive Board and our plans for the next 12 months. Moreover, the guest speaker, prof. dr. Bojko Bučar, UNAS president and the dean of the Faculty of social sciences, addressed the audience in his welcoming speech.


This year’s MUNSC president, Ms. Nikolina Čenić, vice-president, Ms. Meliha Muherina, head delegate, Mr. Vid Tomić, secretary-treasurer, Ms. Karolina Praček, and UNAS youth section’s president, Ms. Adriana Aralica, were enthusiast about the great number of young people interested in MUNSC activities, especially MUN beginners and those with no background in political science. For sure, they will become MUN enthusiasts in no time. The new Executive Board explained what MUNSC has planned for this academic year: the regular mock simulations, useful workshops regarding MUN activities, meeting interesting guests, weekend simulations, delegations to MUN conferences abroad, another youth conference in summer 2015 and, of course, teambuilding. Members can engage in MUNSC activities in different ways: as delegates, chairpersons, journalists, photographers, organizers (everything from helping with logistics and planning social events to finding sponsors who would support MUNSC activities financially or materially), and, most importantly, they can propose their own ideas how to improve MUNSC and its activities, and how they see themselves benefiting the process.


MUNSC is always looking forward to greet new members; as the Executive Board said on Monday, if you are interested in meeting new talented individuals, making new friends, improving your knowledge of English, the United Nations and different internationally relevant topics, gaining or improving your rhetorical and organizational skills, and much more, we are looking forward to see you at our next activity. You can join us by sending your application at [email protected]

MUNSC's third Executive Board members.


Keynote speaker, prof. dr. Bojko Bučar, UNAS                              The audience - some familiar faces and many new future MUNSC members.

president and the dean of the Faculty of social




Article by: Karolina Praček


MUNSC delegation at SIMUN 2014: 3 awards

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MUNSC is extremely proud and happy to announce that its members have won 3 awards at SIMUN 2014, which was taking place in Ljubljana from 22 to 25 September 2014.


16 MUNSC members attended SIMUN 2014: Mr. Blaž Grilj (ECOSOC), Ms. Ana Kristovič (HRC), and Ms. Tjaša Pele (SC) as Chairs; Mr. Gašper Kavšek and Ms. Meliha Muherina as Organizers; Ms. Karolina Praček, Mr. Rok Jamnik, Mr. Vid Tomić and Mr. Miha Trstenjak as members of the Crisis Team; Ms. Nikolina Čenić (SC), Mr. Žiga Golobič (SC), Mr. Matej Gregorec (SC), Ms. Nina Ivić (ECOSOC), Ms. Monika Kolobarić (ECOSOC), Mr. Ivan Koruza (SC) and Mr. Gašper Vojevec (ECOSOC) as Delegates. Therefore, receiving 3 awards is an even greater achievement for us.


Mr. Žiga Golobič received the Best Delegate Award in the Security Council, Mr. Matej Gregorec received the Best Speaker Award in the Security Council, and Ms. Nina Ivić Received the Best Speaker Award in the Economic and Social Council. CONGRATULATIONS!


This year’s topics in the SC, ECOSOC and HRC were, respectively: Territorial Dispute Over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands; The Role of Credit Rating Agencies in the International Financial System and Genetically Modified Organisms and Food Security; Child Soldiers and Climate refugees. The delegates managed to adopt 4 resolutions. However, none was adopted in the SC due to the negative vote expressed by the delegate representing the Russian Federation during voting on the draft resolution – which is probably the first veto in the history of SIMUN. Instead, a Presidential Statement was adopted, since the Secretary-General of SIMUN 2014, Ms. Katja Cimermančič, refused to dismiss the committee without adopting ‘some sort of document’.


Not everything was serious; besides the refreshing breaks, dinners, and colourful evening social events, SIMUN’s first ever Crisis Team (4/5 were MUNSC members) prepared 4 short, but funny, videos for the simulation. Firstly and fore mostly, the videos were intended to be a part of the crisis scenario for the Security Council, but the Crisis Team went further. In order to connect the three committees and give the simulation a pinch of originality, some videos were also shown in the HRC and ECOSOC. They were, of course, primarily concerned with SC’s topic, but also intended for the delegates of the other two committees to respond to current developments connected to the topics they were discussing at the time. What is more, the Crisis Team scared some delegates with unannounced ‘actions’ and made sure this simulation will be remembered.


MUNSC can’t wait for the next SIMUN!

MUNSC delegation (3 missing) awaiting the Opening Ceremony in front of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

MUNSC delegation in its full glory after the evening gala Closing Ceremony at the Municipality of Ljubljana.

MUNSC members feeding the mascot of the simulation, the one and only: UN Bunny (pronounced Unbuni).

Article by: Karolina Praček


Introductory meeting 2014/2015

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Dear reader,

You are invited to become a member of Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC), which is a part of the United Nations Association of Slovenia’s (UNAS) youth section.

The first Slovenian Model United Nations (MUN) club offers an interactive and exciting way to improve your understanding of the United Nations, its entities, rules of procedure and how to formulate international documents. You will be able to upgrade your skills in research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership. Once you are a MUNSC member, you can pursue these skills in the position of a delegate, chairperson or journalist.

If you have no experience with MUN simulations, this is not a problem, since 2014/2015 MUNSC Executive Board members (Nikolina Čenić, Meliha Muherina, Vid Tomić, Karolina Praček and Adriana Aralica) will introduce you to the rules of procedure, preparation of documents and other MUN particularities. We will organize different workshops, lectures and simulations to guide you through each of these, so that you are properly prepared for the participation in MUNs. MUNSC functions in accordance with the needs and wishes of its members. The Executive Board is always open to suggestions and opinions regarding MUNSC activities. Becoming a MUNSC member will allow you to meet people from a variety of cultures based across the globe, and you will gain much more from these people than you could ever expect.

This year’s introductory meeting will be held on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 18.00 in the premises of UNAS (Cankarjeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana – second floor), but most regular sessions will be held at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Kardeljeva ploščad 5, 1000 Ljubljana).

Applications for membership in MUNSC are due to be sent by Sunday, October 19, 2014. You can apply during the introductory meeting or by e-mail ([email protected]); in this case you can download the application form on this link: or contact us by email. Moreover, please check the 'JOIN US' section of this website for more information. 

Anyone between the age of 18 and 29 who is interested in international affairs is welcome to join us.

MUNSC gets new awards at MOSTIMUN 2014

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This April, the Model United Nations Slovenia Club(MUNSC) delegation attended MOSTIMUN - the sixth edition of the only university-level Model United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in the wonderful and welcoming city of Mostar. Our delegation was represented by Rok Jamnik, Ana Kristovič, Tilen Lamut, Jernej Maučec, Meliha Muherina, Nina Pejič,Urban Špital and Vid Tomić as a head delegate and chief motivator as well as by Chair in the Human rights council Blaž Grilj. Sadly, our fellow member Rok went home unexpectedly too early, but took part at the conferencefor one remarkable day.

The Slovenian delegation participated in all of the committees: Human Rights Council, G20 Summit, African Union, Security Council and Futuristic Security Council and contributed to the debate greatly in each of them. All the members demonstrated boundless team spirit, debate and research skills as well as an active involvement in shaping of all the resolutions adopted at the sessions.

(MUNSC delegation with MUNLaws Secretary-General Lena Šutanovac composing the Slovenian team)

This was confirmed also at the closing ceremony, when the members of the delegation received the amazing three Best Delegate Awards and three Honorable Mentions, therefore becoming informally the most successful delegation at the conference.

Model United Nations Slovenia Club is already planning and searching for new challenges in Slovenia as well as abroad, with a primary goal of successful representation on the international level, but considering the MUN conferences also as an exceptional opportunity to meet people from allover the world and establish long lasting connections.

Let's finish with a quote of our Head delegate Vid Tomić: "I'm proud te be a part of the most successful MUNSC delegation and the most epic MUN ever!"

Author: Nina Pejič


MUNSC member at the WorldMUN 2014

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The WorldMUN is the largest student-led diplomatic conference in the world, and this year it was organized by Harvard University and the MUN Society Belgium. This year’s conference had more than 2000 delegates from all over the world. The conference took place in the heart of Europe –Brussels thus symbolizing the importance of the European Union in global politics.

This 23rd edition of WorldMUN had 19 committees, where we had the opportunity to be foreign diplomats, reenacting conflicts of the past, and advocating changes and awareness for some of the global issues of today. The slogan that guided us trough an exciting week was “Be part of the story”.


As a representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Ljubljana and of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC), I had the chance to be part of a Crisis Committee – Pandemic Response Team (PRT). Within this crisis committee we were discussing the issue of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the possible spread of this virus into other regions and ultimately pandemics. I represented China, and I can say that the debates within the PRT were dynamic, quite stressful, issue based and enthusiastic. In the end, we even invented a universal vaccine that will save the world from future pandemics.

Besides the substantial and productive debates, what makes WorldMUN different from other international conferences is the fact that it is a transformative, one of a kind intellectual and social experience. In one week, we had the opportunity to build bridges between various cultures, ideas, languages, values and mindsets, which will help us to deal with the challenges our generation is going to face.

Last but not least, the networking and social gatherings were probably the most rewarding part of the whole experience.

Author: Mirjana Nikolovska


Lousewies van der Laan's interactive lecture about negotiations in the European Parliament

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On Monday, the 3rd of March 2014, the United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS) hosted Lousewies van der Laan’s interactive lecture about negotiations in the European Parliament, which was introduced by professor dr. Bojko Bučar, president of UNAS and dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Mrs. van der Laan is the vice-president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), while in her previous professional career she was, e.g., the Spokeswomen of European Commissioner Hans van den Broek, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Netherlands Parliament and Chief of Staff to the President of the International Criminal Court.


The evening was very interesting, as the guest did not limit herself only to topics related to the European Parliament; moreover, she touched upon relevant issues for the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, Netherlands, Slovenia and recent events in Ukraine. Her strong standpoints and personal experience also came to the fore during the question and answer period. 


Mrs. van der Laan, among others, stressed the need for more voters to participate in the elections and give their vote to the candidate of their choice, than the hypocrisy of some important international entities, and the need to fix the European Union’s economic problems in order to be able to help other actors of the international community to create a world where we can all live in prosperity. The audience, mainly students, gave her a long applause at the end, and dr. Bučar thanked Mrs. van der Laan in the name of UNAS for her interesting remarks.


Article and photo by: Karolina Praček


MUNSC Conference 2014: Cuban Missile Crisis

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On the 14th of February 2014, our members returned to the year 1962, where they represented their countries in the troubled times of the Cuban missile crisis. The simulation started with the opening speeches of professor dr. Bojko Bučar, the president of the Uniten Nations Association of Slovenia, and Karolina Praček, the president of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club.

The debate started with strong statements made by the delegations of Cuba, France and the USA. Cuba made it clear that they won’t allow 'the imperial monster' – meaning the USA, to interfere with their national sovereignty. France tried to calm the air by stressing the importance of discussing the conflict in hand and not the balance of powers. But the USA again stirred the pot with their demand to the USSR, to offer proof that the missiles in Cuba are only defensive. Cuba again interfered the debate and brought to light the USA’s past of ‘invading the whole world’ and mentioned that they are not prepared to let them dictate the future of this planet.

The UN Secretariat took the floor and introduced some news regarding an attack on a Soviet tanker, operated by a Romanian crew. Shots were fired and three explosions occurred, the perpetrators were not identified yet. In the meantime Cuba seemed to be preparing for a violent confrontation.

The post-news discussion stressed the importance of morality and responsibility, especially from the French and US delegation. United Arab Republic even compared the situation to that between Israel and Egypt. To ease the tension Ireland as a neutral non-nuclear state, offered its expertise to check the missiles in Cuba. Cuba responded with their opinion that in their opinion Ireland is not a neutral country due to its non-communist movement history.

The discussion was once again interrupted by a piece of news from USSR, where a Soviet nuclear scientist has allegedly been kidnaped by the US.

United Arab Republic proposed a peace conference. Venezuela took a more neutral ground in its statement, that all states that breach international law, will be judged by the international community. Romania expressed that it feels threatened by the US, since the USA have more missiles than the USSR.

Following the news reports, there was a lot of pointing fingers between the USA and USSR.

China shared one of their sayings with the council: ’’What is the sound of a one hand clapping?’’. This reference to the two-side negotiations gave all delegations something to think about. Turkey served strong accusations against Cuba and their human rights violations and Cuba responded with the proposal that there should be an investigation of the Turkish prisons, if we want to find human rights violations. Venezuela interfered and urged states to stick to the topic and not stray too far from the main focus.

What followed were more news from the UN Secretariat which reported about espionage in Europe. Up until the end of the first day of the simulation this divide between USA and USSR only deepened and no solution was found.

Day two of the simulation started with opening speeches expressing concern on how the negotiations ended the day before. The debate in the early stages focused on the USSR’s chain of command, where the US tried to introduce their system as a good example, but Romania, USSR and Cuba disagreed.

France introduced a draft paper. And even the divide between US and USSR turned out to be productive, since the two delegations were able to negotiate and present a draft paper of their own. The delegations were more accepting of the US and USSR’s working paper, the only article sparkling debates was the article 6, which raised concerns with Cuba, Chile and Ghana.

The resolution was accepted with only 2 delegations abstaining and no delegations against. The simulation ended with the clap of approval and the final words by the Secretary General.

Article by: Gašper Kavšek



Best delegate award winner Ivan Koruza, Presiding Officer Blaž Grilj, Secretary General Karolina Praček, Crisis co-director Vid Tomić, Honourable mentioning award winner Ana Kristovič,  Crisis co-director Rok Jamnik and Honourable mentioning award winner Žiga Golobič

4th mock simulation (Economic empowerment of women) and 5th workshop (Resolution-writing)

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After this year's MUNSC 5th workshop, which explained the procedural sequencesand characteristics of writing different documents during an MUN simulation (e.g.working papers, draft resolutions and amendments), and an interesting debate in the form of a Q&A period, the members present practically implemented their (newly acquired) knowledge during the mock simulation. Regardless the lack oftime they successfully managed to go through each phase of resolution-writing and adopted a resolution at the end of the session.

Moreover, MUNSC successfully introduced a new Presiding Officer, Mr. Blaž Grilj, who presided over a MUNSC committee for the first time.

The event was held on the 8th of January2014 at the Faculty of social sciences.  



Article by: Karolina Praček

MUNSC crisis simulation

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On Monday, 16 December 2013, Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) organized this year’s first crisis simulation of the UN Security Council at the premises of the United Nations Association of Slovenia. The Presiding Officers, Ana Kristovič and Vid Tomić, prepared aunforgettable event for all participants.

The delegates received concrete information about the topic (recent events in the Middle East) of the meeting just hours before and also during the meeting, which contributed to the spirit of the simulation and to more intense negotiations. This simulation was some members’ first MUN simulation at all, but they all did a good job and contributed to the success of the simulation.

Despite the seriousness of the issues discussed, participants had a lot of fun and concluded the day with a deserved dinner and following social event.

Article by: Karolina Praček